Title: Ways to Implement STEM in your Elementary Classroom

Instructor: Christopher Burdman
Participants: Elementary Educators
Date/Times: 07/10/19/8:00-3:00
Location: 27 Russells Mills Rd Dartmouth MA
Course #: 2019-36
Course Description: Ways to Implement STEM in your Elementary Classroom In this course participants will work through a variety of STEM related activities appropriate for grades K-5. 

Morning Session
3D Design and Printing  Morning SessionCourse Description: Using the Makers Empire and Tinkercad software participants will learn the basics of 3D design. As a group we will discuss how to best introduce and implement a 3D design program into your given curriculum.  Participants will then put their skills to the test  and be given a design challenge while engaging in the engineering and design process.  Topics will include 3D design and Engineering and Design ProcessThis course is hands on.
Afternoon Session:
Lego Rebotics-WeDo Afternoon SessionCourse Description: This class will dive into the world of Lego Robotics using the Lego WeDo 2.0 kit.  This will be a hands on learning experience where participants will actively engage in one of the many building activities.  We will go through an entire condensed building and sharing cycle.
Topics covered will include coding and the use of Lego WeDo 2.0 
This course is hands on.  

Dates:  7/10/19
Time:  8:00-3:00
Cost:  SMEC Member District $150
           Non Member $175