Effective schooling for students with disabilities and instruction of students with diverse learning styles. (Including the Federal and State Laws and Regulations)


Instructor: Allan Blume
Participants: Teachers, Administrators, Guidance Counselors, Therapists
Date/Times: 03/02/20, 8:00-3:00, 03/05/20 9:00-12:00
Location: 27 Russells Mills Rd, Dartmouth
Course #: 2019-54
Course Info Contact: Sherri Tetrault, 5089985599 ex 130,stetrault@smecollaborative.org
Course Description: Topics:  This workshop provides an overview of federal and state laws and regulations regardingspecial education. Participants will engage in discussions, small and large group activities andan optional extension activity to demonstrate knowledge of laws and regulations. Participantswill understand how to access various elements of the regulations to support the provision ofspecial education services to students with special needs. In addition, strategies that may beapplicable to inclusion practice will be introduced, presented and discussed.

WORKSHOP LEARNING OUTCOMESParticipants will:• Know the history of the establishment of special education law and regulations atthe state and federal levels• Know how to access sections of state and federal law and how to cite them• Demonstrate ability to compare topics relevant to special education from federaland state special education laws and regulation• Identify how certain court cases have set precedent within special education thatremain applicable to special education practice• Take a position with topics of state and federal law or regulation and state theimpact of that position to their current or future practice as educators
ONLINE ASSIGNMENTS: (6 hours)Assignments as follow-up to each of the sessions will be posted in the g-drive folder.(i.e. Session 1 Assignment, Session 2 Assignment and Session 3 Assignment). After each of theworkshop sessions participants will complete the assignment, post the responses in the g-drivefolder and then do at least two follow up responses to the posts of other participants. Eachassignment will count towards two hours of dedicated time.WORKSHOP MATERIALS• Support Materials compiled by instructor and available on Google docs RENEWING A PROFESSIONAL LICENSEThis workshop is designed to assist participants in meeting the requirements forrenewing a professional license. The goals of this workshop align with the MassachusettsDepartment of Education Regulations for Educator Licensure (603 CMR 7.00).http://www.doe.mass.edu/licensure/advance-extend-renew-license.htmlRegardless of when an educator is expected to renew their professional license, ifemployed the educator must obtain final approval of their individual professionaldevelopment plan by their supervisor; the educator must have a minimum of 10 PDPs ina topic area to use the PDPs towards license renewal.  Because the requirement forlicensure requires at least 15 PDPs related to training in strategies for effective schoolingfor students with disabilities and the instruction of students with diverse learning styles,this workshop is designed to allow the participant to gain up the 15 PDP requirement via9 hours of workshop time and 3 online assignments at 2 hours each for a total of 15hours.
Presenter:   Allan Blume is a former Associate Professor of Practice in Special Education at Simmons College. Allan’s primary areas of instruction and expertise are the laws, regulations and processes of special education as well as state and federal requirements for the provision of special education services. Prior to Simmons, Allan worked for 18 years as a special-education teacher in public schools and educational collaboratives in Massachusetts. He consults on federal and state special-education regulations, transition services and other education topics with universities, public and private schools and collaboratives, both in the United States and internationally.  
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