2020 SEI Admin Endorsement Course


Instructor: Laurie Sullivan
Date/Times: 02/03/20,02/10/20,03/02/20,03/09/20,03/30/20/7:30-10:30
Location: SMEC 27 Russells Mills Rd Dartmouth MA 02748
Course #: 2020-10
Course Info Contact: Sherri Tetrault, 508-998-5599 ex 130, stetrault@smecollaborative.org
Time: 7:30-10:30am
SEI Course

The purpose of this course is to prepare Massachusetts school administrators with the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective reviewers and instructional leaders of educators who teach English language learners so that our growing population of English Language Learners (ELLs) can access curriculum, achieve academic success, and contribute their multilingual and multicultural resources as participants and future leaders in the 21st century global economy.

This course is aligned with the Massachusetts Administrator Endorsement Subject Matter Knowledge Standards:
1. Understanding of diversity and background of English language learner populations, including family systems, neighborhoods, and communities, and their impact on teaching and learning
2. Building a culture of equity and inclusiveness for linguistically and culturally diverse populations
3. Implementation of strategies for coordinating instruction for English Language Learners (SEI and English language development)
4. Demonstrates an understanding of the use of best practices for sheltering content for, and teaching academic language to, English Language Learners in the classroom
5. Understands and appreciates the challenges that English Language Learners face in the mastery of academic language and assures that educators are equipped to shelter content and scaffold instruction to promote the academic achievement of English Language Learners

The course has four overarching goals:

1. To enhance administrators’ leadership capacity so that they may effectively carry out their responsibility for:
         a. Building school cultures of equity and inclusiveness
         b. Developing and enhancing appropriate programs and services for all English Language Learners
         c. Ensuring a collaborative vision in which all members of the school community share the responsibility for the                        achievement of English Language Learners

2. To expand administrators’ understanding of how language affects English language and content learning, and how children and adolescents learn language in academic settings

3. To build administrators’ knowledge about:
         a. The English language learner student body within their schools; the heterogeneity of their English Language                       Learners
         b. Laws and regulations affecting the education of English Language Learners
         c. Effective program models that engage English Language Learners in acquiring English while they learn                                 academic content, and
         d. Research-based instructional practice that teachers employ to integrate subject area content, language, and                        literacy development—per the expectations of the Massachusetts English Language Development (ELD) World                   Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) standards—and thus to support ELL students’ success with                   the 2011 Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for English Language Arts and Literacy and Mathematics and                    other Massachusetts content standards

4. To equip administrators to integrate the various initiatives throughout the Commonwealth as they relate to English language learners, including the new Educator Evaluation system Several Massachusetts documents were used in the preparation of this course.

        These include:
              • SEI Administrator Endorsement Subject Matter Knowledge Standards (SMK)
              • SEI Teacher Endorsement Subject Matter Knowledge Standards Course (SEIT) Administrator Endorsement                          Course Facilitator’s Manual
              • Guidelines for the Preparation of Administrative Leaders (PSAL) • Massachusetts Model System for Educator                     Evaluation, Part III: Guide to Rubrics for Superintendent, Administrator, and Teacher (MTRTE

The SEI Administrator Endorsement course:·         Systematically strengthens administrators’ capacity to ensure that their schools provide SEI effectively to all English Language Learners
·         Is integrated with and supported by three other major initiatives underway in the Commonwealth: the implementation of the 2011 standards for ELA and math (incorporating the Common Core State Standards), the implementation of WIDA ELD standards for all educators, and the new Educator Evaluation system
·         Acknowledges that to address the needs of ELLs, individual and collective ownership, collaborative practice between educators, and a whole-school approach are critical. The new SEI Administrator Endorsement course is cohesively connected to the SEI Teacher Endorsement course and supported by policies that require continuous educator growth over time
·         Is facilitated by approved instructors who have been vetted through a comprehensive application and interview process, have participated in a rigorous training program, and will be subject to ongoing performance evaluation
·         Is delivered in cohorts across the state. The cohorts will provide opportunities for online and in-district collaboration, peer support, and sharing of ideas and materials

SEI Administrator Course Session Overview
This SEI Administrator Endorsement course is made up of five three-hour sessions:
Session 1: Introduction, Law, & SEI Considerations for ELLs
Session 2: Vocabulary & Discourse
Session 3: Reading
Session 4: Writing & More
Session 5: Integration & Capstone
In each session, topics are explored within an overarching framework of guiding messages and guiding questions. Guiding messages stress the intersection of multiple laws, policies, standards, practices, tools, and resources that frame the responsibility for the academic success of English Language Learners shared by all stakeholders within a school and lead by school administrators. Guiding questions engage administrators in personal, school-based reflection on the implications of the course content they are learning: How does this affect my role and my responsibilities? How does this look in my school? How does this look in my teachers’ classrooms?
Most sessions assign participants a small observation project. Each assignment is debriefed at the beginning of the following session.

Member District: $300
Non Member District $325

DESE requirements, attendance is mandatory at all sessions in order to receive endorsement.

Graduate Credit
You will have the option of  purchasing Graduate Credit for the SEI Administer Course. When you register for the class you will be sent the information on graduate credits.