Activities for Elementary Math Instruction


Instructor: Debra H. Almeida, EdD
Participants: PreK-6 Educators teaching math to regular and special needs students
Date/Times: 03/10/20, 8:30-4:00
Location: 27 Russells Mills Rd Dartmouth MA
Course #: 2019-52
Course Description: This workshop will provide strategies and activities using color and manipulatives as well as gross/fine motor skills to enhance the students’ math abilities.

Course Description:

Each session will include exposure to children’s literature books that are directly related to the skill at hand followed by activities using techniques that the presenter used successfully in her own classroom. 

The morning session will include techniques for not only understanding place value but patterns that will help imprint its nature using sound, color, and manipulatives (i.e. dice, Shut the Box, unifix cubes, powers of ten, pretzels/raisins).

During the afternoon of the second session the focus will be on self discovery geometry using gross motor skills and  manipulatives (i.e. tangrams, snap cubes, geoboards, pattern blocks, pentominoes). strategies for internalizing the concept of what a fraction is with manipulatives including pattern blocks, fraction bars, unifix cubes, and geoboards.
Follow up will include reading with short reviews of three math related books for children and one lesson plan incorporating the philosophy of a child centered approach to the teaching of math.

Debra Almeida, EdD is a retired elementary teacher and math/science presenter for the Center for Innovation in Education with over 35 years of experience teaching gr. 3-5 students during the school year and elementary teachers around the country during the summer months. She began her career in Freetown in Special Needs and Title I then later became an inclusive teacher while looping from grades 4 to 5 for many years at Sippican School in Marion. She is presently the Program Director for the Whitfield/Manjiro Friendship Society co-teaching local graduate courses for LMU. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Bridgewater State University, a C.A.G.S. degree from Fitchburg State University and a doctorate degree from Cambridge College in Educational Leadership.