Program Cancellations for 3/10/2017

Due to inclement weather, all school programs are closed today. ADH, SAIL, and the Administrative offices will be open at their regular schedules.

School Program Delays for 2/13/2017

The following school programs will start with a 2-hour delay on Monday, February 13th: ECP, ALC I and II, and both ISP programs at Dartmouth and Old Rochester Regional.

All other school and adult services programs will be starting at the regular times.

Program Cancellations, Delays for 2/10/2017

All SMEC school programs will be closed on Friday, February 10, 2017. Our SAIL and ADH programs and Administrative offices will be open on a 2-hour delay.

Program Cancellations for 2/9/2017

All SMEC School and Adult Services programs will be closed due to inclement weather on Thursday, February 9th.  Administrative offices will be closed as well.

1/31/17 Board of Directors Meeting Cancelled

The Board of Director’s meeting scheduled for 1/31/2017 has been cancelled. A rescheduled date will be determined in the near future.

Program Delays for 3/6/15

The ALC and ECP programs will start with a one hour delay today.

Program Delays for 3/2/15

Due to inclement weather, the ECP, ALC I, and New Bedford TSP will be starting with a 2 hour delay. ISP, PLP, ALC II, Dartmouth TSP, and the ADH programs will be starting with a 1 hour delay.

The Admin office will also open with a 1 hour delay.

Program Delays for 2/25/15

The ALC I and II programs in addition to PLP, ECP, ISP I and TSP Dartmouth programs will be opening with a two hour delay today. The ISP II program at Old Rochester Regional High School will be starting with a one hour delay.

For more details, please review our Inclement Weather Policy.

Program Cancellations for 2/9/15 (Updated)

Due to the Winter Storm, all SMEC school programs, in addition to SAIL, ADH, and the administrative office, will be closed for Monday, February 9th.

Program Cancellations for 2/2/15

All SMEC school programs are closed for Monday, February 2nd. The SMEC administrative office, SAIL, and ADH programs are expected to be open with a 2 hour delay.