Primary Language Program

The Primary Language Program supports students in the elementary grades with a variety of learning needs, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, cognitive, sensory and language based differences. A licensed special education teacher, along with experienced paraprofessional(s), speech language pathologist(s), occupational therapist(s) and an autism consultant, work together as a team to address the students’ unique needs. Students are grouped in an effort to individualize instruction by learning style and/or developmental age. The program is located in the beautiful Rochester Memorial School.

A small class size allows students to learn at their own rate, supported by small student/teacher ratios (3:1). Academics are modified to facilitate attending and independence. Curriculum is be based on the MA Curriculum Frameworks and all students in grades 3 and up participate in the MCAS or MCAS Alternative Assessment. Social skills are supported through facilitated inclusion/reverse inclusion activities, participation in school based activities and community outings.

An eclectic teaching approach is used, which may include:

  • Incidental and naturalistic teaching
  • Principles of ABA, TEACCH, SCERTS, etc.
  • Visual Supports (schedules, organizational tools, contracts, sequencing)
  • Augmentative Communication (PECS, ASL, Dynavox, etc.)
  • Structured teaching and classroom environment

Parent Support will be offered through ongoing communication with the teaching staff as well as the opportunities for parent meetings throughout the school year.

Referrals to the Primary Language Program can be made through the student’s home district special education office. For more information, please call (508) 998-5444, ext. 104.

Head Teacher (K-2):
Diane Antone

Head Teacher (3-5):
Meagan Allaire

Rochester Memorial School
16 Pine Street
Rochester, MA 02739