Transitional Services Program


SMEC’s Transitional Services Program TSP is designed to facilitate the transition of students ages 14-21 from school to work and from home to community. TSP provides school districts with a range of transitional activities and resources for students with developmental disabilities to prepare and promote their movement from school to post school activities.

The Transitional Services staff provides instruction in functional life skills, applied academics, vocational skills, community experiences and independent living skills to enable students with disabilities to secure gainful employment, participate in their communities and live as independently as possible. Center based and community based activities are utilized, with a major emphasis on using community resources as instructional tools in the delivery of services.

For more information, please contact Michelle Goettlich, LEA Program Director at (508) 998-5444 extension 4 or

Transitional Teachers:
Jennifer Levasseur
Debra Frias
Tammie Frye
56 Bridge St.
Fairhaven, MA 02719
(508) 998-5444

The Supported Employment Service is an educational component of the Collaborative’s Transitional Services Program.   Supported Employment supports enable students with disabilities to work on regular paying jobs in the community and to work and interact with non-disabled people in the workplace.

The Supported Employment Services team places students who have successfully completed prerequisite training in paid jobs. Over the years, the service has established a network of area businesses which provide employment for students. Students are selected for job placements on the basis of their vocational interests and aptitude in relation to their employer’s expectations. The team provides students on the job training in cooperation with the employer and when appropriate, provides a “job coach” to work along side the student until the student attains the level of job skills to work independently. Students also receive training in job seeking skills, good work habits, communications, money management, and accessing community resources. The team provides assistance to students and their families in arranging transportation to and from the student’s place of employment.

The Employment Team provides ongoing support services to students and their employers to ensure students remain productively employed and the relationship between the student and employer is successful and mutually beneficial.