Transition Planning 4/6/18


Transition Planning

Instructor: Allan Blume

Participants: Teachers, Para Professionals, Assistant Teachers, Guidance

Dates/Times: 4/06/18  12:30pm – 3:30pm

Location: 25 Russells Mills Rd, Dartmouth, MA

Course Info Contact: Sherri Tetrault, (508) 998-5599 ex 130 or

Presenter: Allan Brume is a former Associate Professor of Practice in Special Education at Simmons College. Allan’s primary areas of intstruction and expertise are the laws, regulations and processes of special education as well as state and federal requirements for the provision of special education services. Prior, to Simmons, Allan worked for 18 years as a special education teacher in public schools and educational collaboratives in Massachusetts. He consults on federal and state special-education regulations, transition services, and other education topics with universities, public and private schools and collaboratives, both in the United States and internationally.

Professional development regarding transition planning would include the following:

  • The requirements of transition planning for students with special needs
  • Suggestions for completing the Transition Planning Form (TPF)
  • Concepts on how the TPF informs the development of the IEP
  • Concepts for writing the vision statement that contains the required parts as per IDEA
  • Suggestions for transition goals and transition planning for students with special needs
  • How to write goals and objectives relative to transition

Outcomes of professional development:

Participants will

  • Know the importance of the transition planning from (TPF) as a document that informs the development of the IEP
  • Understand how to complete the TPF
  • Know how to create vision statements that contain the required elements
  • Understand the link between information written into the TPF and the IEP
  • Know how to develop transition goals
  • Know how to write observable and measurable goals and objectives for transition.

Para Pro Prep Class 3/9/18- Math Focus


Instructor: Corey Mello
Participants: Individuals looking to prepare for the Para Pro Test-Math focus
Date/Times: 03/09/18 9am-12:00
Location: 27 Russells Mills Rd,  Dartmouth MA 02747
Course #: 2018-05
Course Info Contact: Sherri Tetrault, 508-998-5599 ex 130,
Course Description: Attention: Para Pro Test Takers

When: 03/09/18
Time: 9:00 – 12:00pm
Cost: $ 40
Where: SMEC Conference Room, 27 Russells Mills Rd, Dartmouth MA 02747

Para Pro Assessment Review

This class is designed to assist students who are preparing to take the ParaPro Assessment. Instruction, review, and practice are provided in requisite mathematics. This class will offer prospective paraprofessionals instruction and practice using the Parapro Assessment Study Guide and official Practice test. This workshop will provide a targeted review of all the material on the Parapro Assessment Test. A minimum of 8 participants are required for each workshop. Requests for withdrawals & refunds must be made prior to deadline.

All cancellations subject to a $25 administration fee.

An Overview of Student Disabilities in the Classroom


Instructor: Kim Wilmot
Participants: Teachers, Para Professionals, Assistant Teachers
Date/Times: 05/31/18, 6/07/18 8:30am-3:30pm
Location: 27 Russells Mills Rd, Dartmouth MA 02748
Course #: 2018-05
Course Info Contact: Sherri Tetrault, 508-998-5599 ex 130,
Course Description: An overview of the disabilities that teachers and specialists may encounter within their classrooms and specialists settings with an emphasis on Autism Spectrum Disorder, Behavior, Cognitive Issues, and Learning Disabilities. Teaching strategies to accommodate students with these disabilities will be reviewed and will include responses to intervention, universal design for learning, multiple intelligence’s and differentiated instruction. Teachers participating in this professional development training will have the opportunity to be exposed to the most recent research for teaching ALL students within the regular classroom and in specialized settings. Participating teachers and specialists will have the opportunity to incorporate the course information in a group activity and determine what teaching strategy and learning style fits best for your teaching method and your students learning styles.

Presenter: Kim Wilmot
Kimberly Wilmot has been providing professional development related to special education and behavior management for the past 10 years. In addition to her current role as Program Coordinator for SMEC’s Therapeutic Learning Center, she has been a special education teacher, special education program administrator, Director of Pediatric Rehabilitation and Specialty Clinics, and a special education consultant.

SPECIAL EDUCATION: 15 Professional Development points in instruction of students’ with disabilities to fulfill the DESE requirements.
Cost:$225 District Member
$250 Non District Member