Sheltered English Introductory Course

Instructor: Michael Watson
Participants: Teachers, Administrators, Guidance Counselors
Date/Times: 08/02/18, 8:00-3:00, 08/03/18 8:00-12:00
Location: 27 Russells Mills Rd, Dartmouth
Course #: 2018-21
Course Info Contact: Sherri Tetrault, 508-998-5599 ex 23,
Course Description: With the increase in English Language Learners entering public schools the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has outlined a plan for professional development for teachers, specialists, and administrators in order to accommodate the educational and social adjustment of the new learners within their new school. This fifteen hour professional development course will provide participants an exposure to the current framework and educational theory that will engage all learners in a classroom and specialized teaching.

This course provides valuable information and 15 PDP’s but does not lead to endorsement.

Member District $225 and Non Member District $250
Requests for withdrawals and refunds must be made prior to deadline. Deadline is 7/28/18.
All cancellations subject to a $50 administration fee.

Analyzing Teaching for Student Results


Analyzing Teaching for Student Results

Instructor: Maty Ann Haley-Speca and Deborah Reed

Participants: Teachers, Para Professionals, Assistant Teachers, Guidance

Dates/Times: 9/25/18, 10/23/18, 11/13/18, 11/30/18, 12/05/18, 1/07/19, 1/28/19 8:30a-3:30p

Location: 27 Russells Mills Rd, Dartmouth, MA

Course Info Contact: Sherri Tetrault, (508) 998-5599 ex 130 or

Course Description: Reflecting the national shift towards learning-focused supervision and evaluation, this program helps leaders zero in on high-leverage teaching strategies that make a difference to student learning. During the program, participants examine and use both a common language and a concept system about teaching to support any state framework. The program provides multiple opportunities for participants to develop keen observation and analytical skills that will support teachers in building their own capacity to impact students’ learning. To ensure the alignment of our work with our national client base, crosswalks between The Skillful Teacher (2008) and Strengthening Teacher Evaluation (2014) and various states’ and leading educators’ evaluation standards and models have been developed and are referenced in this program.


OUTCOMES As a result of taking this program, participants will be able to:• Name, explain, and document what highexpertise teachers know and can do in many performance areas from classroom management to planning standards-based lessons and assessments
• Capture salient classroom events in literal notes
• Connect teacher behavior and decision-making with impact on student learning
• Give teachers evidence-based feedback that builds their capacity as high-expertise teachers and stimulates reflection
• Use multiple data sources to assess growth opportunities and help meet new requirements for teacher goal-setting and improvement planning.


Registration: Requests for withdrawals and refunds must be made prior to deadline 8/01/18. All cancellations subject to a $50 administration fee.

SMEC Member DIstrict:  $1150.00  Non Member $1200     3 Credits Additional $375
We must have 25 to run the course.
Questions email Sherri Tetrault at or call 508-9985599 ex 130.

We must be informed at the time of registration if you have any ADA needs or require special accommodations of any kind

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Para Pro Prep Class 7/24/18- Math Focus


Instructor: Corey Mello
Participants: Individuals looking to prepare for the Para Pro Test-Math focus
Date/Times: 07/24/18 9am-12:00p
Location: 27 Russells Mills Rd,  Dartmouth MA 02747
Course #: 2018-19
Course Info Contact: Sherri Tetrault, 508-998-5599 ex 130,
Course Description: Attention: Para Pro Test Takers

When: 07/24/18
Time: 9:00a – 12:00pm
Cost: $ 40
Where: SMEC Conference Room, 27 Russells Mills Rd, Dartmouth MA 02747

Para Pro Assessment Review

This class is designed to assist students who are preparing to take the ParaPro Assessment. Instruction, review, and practice are provided in requisite mathematics. This class will offer prospective paraprofessionals instruction and practice using the Parapro Assessment Study Guide and official Practice test. This workshop will provide a targeted review of all the material on the Parapro Assessment Test. A minimum of 8 participants are required for each workshop. Requests for withdrawals & refunds must be made prior to deadline.

All cancellations subject to a $25 administration fee.

Summer Course – An Exploration of Accommodations for Classroom Instruction, Providing Adaptability and Challenges for Diverse Learners


Instructor: Charles O’Donnell, M.Ed., CAGS
Participants: All Educators at all grade levels
Date/Times: 07/09/18, 07/16/18 1:00-7:30 PM and 07/13/18,07/20/18 8:00am-4:00pm
Location: SMEC 27 Russells Mills Rd Dartmouth
Course #: 2018-16
Course Info Contact: Sherri Tetrault, 5089985599 ex 130,
Course Description:

3 graduate credits in 4 days!


07/09/18, 07/16/18 1:00-7:30 PM and 07/13/18,07/20/188:00am-4:00pm

SMEC Member:  $750
SMEC Non Member:  $795

This course will review current study in the areas of Inclusive Classrooms, Special Education and English Learners and the recognized accommodations and interventions that teachers use to create a learning environment that is practical, productive and comfortable for their students.  This course is interactive and requires both individual and group/collaboration study and research on specific interventions, applications and accommodations.  The analysis of the readings, research and combined professional experience of individuals and study groups are shared among the class and will include handouts and practical application guides.  Reading and research materials will be available well in advance of the first day of class.
·        To provide an overview of the learning process through multiple intelligences and their implications in the classroom and specialized teaching.
·        To provide informational reading that will enable the participant to gain a broader understanding of the multiple needs of all students.
·        To provide internet resources that will inform participants for differentiating instruction in the classroom and specialized setting.
·        To provide assessment resources that will assist in identifying strengths and weaknesses and lead to adjustments and modification of instruction.
·        To understand the development and implementation of an appropriate lesson plan that includes all learners.

·        To the teacher in carrying out their responsibilities for students with diverse learning styles including special education and English learners.
·        To gain further understanding of how each student develops language skills and the relationship of those skills with curriculum content.
·        That teachers/specialists remain flexible in their teaching strategies attaching past knowledge and success with new approaches and strategies that address content learning.
·        To continue to believe, support and expand the concept of the classroom as a comfort zone for learning for all students.

·        “Introduction and Chapter 1, Characteristics of Gifted Students”
·        “Planning Curriculum for All Students at the Same Time”
·        “The Power of Transfer”
·        “How the Brain Processes Information”
·        “The Supreme Court, Endrew, and the Appropriate Education of Students With Disabilities”
·        “An Introduction to Universal Design for Learning”
·        “Differentiated Instruction” and accompanying data
·        “Response to Intervention”

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Brain Friendly Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom, ASCD, by Judy Willis,  read Introduction and Chpt. 1  (There is no charge) Link below:
Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) Universal Design for Learning.  A multi-funded organization that supports UDL with this web site for teachers seeking resources.
Making Sense of UDL, Reducing Barriers, a series of videos explaining the what and how regarding UDL.

Because of the timelines of this course all students will be required to complete all the assigned readings, on-line research and writing assignments.  Each of these requirements will be reviewed and discussed as part of the class collaborations.  Individual and group lesson plan presentations will be evaluated and critiqued by students and instructor.  The format for these evaluations will follow the questions listed below:
·        What went well?
·        Why did the session go well?
·        How can you transfer what you learned to your teaching?
·        What did not go well in the session?
·        Why didn’t the session go well?
·        What suggestions would you make to improve the session?
All written evaluations, oral critiques and discussions will be graded!

A variety of teaching methods will be used in this course.  Methodology for teaching will include: Open Discussion, Independent Learning, Data Collection and Analysis, Collaboration and overview of Universal Design for Learning, Differentiated Instruction, and Sheltered English Instruction.

· ·        Active participation in class discussion, group analysis of readings and oral feedback of findings.
·        Preparation and presentation of an Instructional Lesson Plan formulated from the “accommodations studies” presented in the course.  Students may choose any accommodation that fits their teaching/learning style.

Requests for withdrawal & refunds must be made prior to deadline.
All cancellations will be subject to a $50 administration fee.

      Please note that when you register through this site, an automated email will be generated confirming your enrollment.  However, you are not assured a seat until we have received payment.  Payment by check or purchase order must be mailed to SMEC, 25 Russells Mills Rd Dartmouth MA 02748,  Attn: Professional Development.

We must be informed at the time of registration if you have ADA needs or require special accommodations.

Credits for this course will be awarded through The College of St. Joseph